Every single person in this world is a consumer. We are consumers when we eat, read, listen, watch, and touch. We are always consuming nature’s or other people’s creations, information. thoughts and ideas. We get it from books, TV, podcasts, Facebook newsfeeds, other people’s mouths, and just about anywhere you can express an idea.

We are all consumers, but not many of us are producers. In a world where most people take, I want you to make the switch and give something. Give value in whatever way you can whether it’s writing a book, doing Facebook Live, teaching your kids, or giving a speech.

The world we live in is filled with negative thoughts and ideas, pessimism about the economy and the state of the world, criticism and hate from keyboard warriors, and just a whole lot of garbage from our friends that is taking up space in our minds. It’s time we start putting out things into the world that bring in joy, positivity, and happiness. It can be as simple as sharing an inspiring message on Facebook. It’s time for you to make the switch from being a full-time consumer to a producer.

It also doesn’t have to just be original content that you produce. A great way to be a producer is to be a curator. Start sharing and curating different content and ideas from people that inspire you. Share their work so we can start spreading positive messages. It may seem like it won’t make an impact on the entire world, but it may make an impact on one person’s life.

It’s time for you to step into your greatness and leave an impact by making the switch.