Every year, millions of people around the world tune into Super Bowl Sunday to watch the National Football Association Championship, but many only tune in for…commercials. Companies put together their greatest marketing minds and story-tellers to create a memorable emotional response from viewers. Due to the ridiculous number of viewers that watch the Super Bowl and the expensive costs of securing an ad spot, companies release their best of the best ads on this night.

With over 110 million viewers, commercials are fighting to achieve a few core goals with their ads:

  • Bringing awareness to their company or message, especially if they are new
  • Encouraging you to take action, whether it’s to buy something or visit a website
  • Dominating your attention, so you think of them when you’re shopping

In 2018, there were some amazing commercials that caused howls of laughs or heart-wrenching tears. Some honorable mentions include:

But there was one commercial that took the win for me that night — and it’s a Tide ad.

Tide made a play on utilizing familiar commercials that we’ve seen countless times as well as some of the most memorable ones from past Super Bowls. And with a quick swerve to reveal that it’s actually a Tide ad, audiences were left with a chuckle. However, the reason I chose Tide as the winner of the 2018 Super Bowl Commercials is not because of how funny it was, but because of what it did to our mindset for the rest of the night.

After their minute long ad spot, Tide sprinkled in some more 15 second ad spots throughout the night — continuing on with their theme of twists and revealing that “It’s a Tide ad.” So every single time, a new commercial would come on, I would sit there waiting for the Tide punchline or look for clean clothes to predetermine if it’s a Tide ad. Talk about dominating a viewer’s attention!

With an impact like that where you’re constantly thinking about Tide, the company easily took first place for me in terms of achieving their goal for advertising.

If you haven’t seen the main ad yet, check it out below! And leave a comment below which commercial was your favorite!