The holidays are upon us! But that doesn’t mean the extra weight has to come along with it. Here are some tips to make sure your Thanksgiving weekend doesn’t derail you from your health goals.

1. Drink Lots of Water. Drink water before, during, and after your meal to help you feel fuller faster. And drink even more water if you think you’ll be grabbing the other kind of drinks.

2. Eat Before the Big Meal. Make sure to have breakfast and have some healthy snacks before the big Thanksgiving meal.

3. Get in a Morning Workout. Kickstart that metabolism and you’ll also start your day with a healthy state of mind.

4. If You’re Going to Snack, Pick Fruits and Veggies. Snacking is also a great way to prevent the urge for a second plate.

5. Fill 2/3 of Your Plate with Veggies First. Your plate should have the colors of the rainbow before you get to the meats and the fun sides.

6. Eat Slow and Stop Eating When You’re Full. It helps to engage in conversation while you’re eating to slow you down from inhaling your food.

7. Use a Smaller Plate. The trick here is to FORGET that you’re using a smaller plate! Otherwise you’ll go and try to make up for having a smaller plate by piling a mountain on your plate.

8. Go Fishing. Go for more fish than the ham and red meats.

9. Skip the Skin. I’d rather have you grab the dark meat than white meat with skin.

10. Go Easy on the Gravy. I don’t see much brown in rainbows. 

11. Focus on Family and Friends, Not Food. Fill yourself up with the meaningful conversations with the ones you love!

12. Sit with the Healthy Eaters. Their healthy decisions will help influence yours!

13. Stay On Your Feet After Eating. Go on a post-meal walk, do some light exercises, or go mingle with folks after eating. Just don’t give in to the dreaded itis (aka food coma).

14. Leave the Dinner Table. After eating, run away! Don’t be near the food, don’t look at it, don’t be in the vicinity of smelling it, just don’t be near it. Out of sight, out of mind.

15. Help Clean Up. This doesn’t mean eat all the leftovers! This is a great way to keep your body moving.

16. Wait 20 Minutes Before You Grab a Second Plate. It takes about twenty minutes for your brain to catch up to your stomach to let you know that you’re actually full.

17. Skip Seconds Completely. Healthy leftovers are great! “Healthy” is the keyword!

18. Don’t Have Leftovers. On the other end of the spectrum: leftovers are bad! It’s best if you can get back into your normal routine with your regular nutrition as soon as possible instead of eating Thanksgiving leftovers.

19. Just One Drink. Zero alcoholic drinks is even better! But seriously.

20. Exercise the Morning After. Time to sweat out those regrets.

21.  Keep Your Goals in Mind. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to keep yourself on track to your goals.


I’m so grateful and thankful that you all continue to support me and read these posts. May your hearts be filled with gratitude and love this weekend…and I guess your stomach too.