Success is not about always staying on track, but has everything to do with how quickly you get back on track once you fall off.

After an awesome week 4, this week was kind of derpy, so let’s get straight into the recap.

Day 1 (Monday, Dec. 5, 2016): Rest Day

Very necessary rest after an intense 20 mile week for the first time in my life!

Day 2: Easy Run (3 miles) + Legs

This week was focused on recovery and allowing my body to adjust to the beating that it’s going through, so all the runs were easy runs this week. I supplemented the run with a casual set of leg-focused exercises at the gym.

Day 3: 30 Minute Bike + Biceps & Shoulders

Accidentally did 45 minutes — there I go again with following directions to a T.

Day 4: Easy Run (3 miles) + X3 The Challenge

I’ve started to find that the first half of my runs have been pretty challenging to get into rhythm. Everything kind of aches and my mind just does not want to do it, but once I’m past the halfway mark, I just get in the zone — or more like zone out — and time flies.

I’m starting to see progress in my pull-up strength which is going to be super useful for rigs. I bumped the target numbers for the X3 Challenge workouts to 6 unassisted pull-ups and 16 push-ups. There’s 8 different exercises for both pull-ups and push-ups, so I did a total of 48 pull-ups and 128 push-ups in a short amount of time. I’ll definitely bump up the numbers for the next Challenge.

Day 5: Easy Run (3 miles) + X3 Yoga

This was my first run since this whole journey where I had zero problems with any part of my body during the run! I ran this one at a 10 minute pace which is a bit faster than most of my easy runs that I’ve done. Capped off the amazing day with a good yoga session!

Day 6: Rock Climbing + Hula Hooping?!

This was a rest day, but since Coach Jay was in town, we went to go play at Boulder’s Climbing Gym in Madison with Lisa and Logan. We found an awesome backroom filled with all kinds of toys like kettlebells, hangboards, balance boards, mini rig, rings, and hula hoops! Since we are in Wisconsin, we’ve been getting hit with a ton of snow, so what better way to enjoy the snow than spending 3 to 4 hours at a climbing gym!

On this day, I had another AHA moment. It was the same feeling I got when I ran my first Spartan Race. After running my first OCR, I realized that I could do so much more than what my mind initially thought. I had self-limiting beliefs about my physical abilities, but after finish the race, I had an epiphany that I am capable of so much more! So on this day at the climbing gym, I realized that I could hula hoop!!! I had doubts that I could do such a thing based on my previous experiences with hula hooping, but as time changed, I changed. Also, who knew that hula hooping was a great core exercise!

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

~Nido Qubein

Day 7: Rest Day (Oops) + Spear Practice

This day was supposed to be my longest run of 7 miles, but things did not go as planned. Lisa, Jay and I were planning to run at Blue Mounds State Park in 6+ inches of snow. Crazy?! Yes! This is what happens when you hang out with elite OCR racers that are absolutely nuts. However, we got stuck with car problems and the sun going down was also an issue, so we ended up spending the rest of the day making spears and practicing spear throws! The spear throw obstacle is one of the iconic Spartan Race obstacles that have been known to cause pro racers a headache and exhaustion.  The 30 burpee penalty es no bueno!

[easy-tweet tweet=”When you participate in purposeful suffering, your happiness level increases. ~Joe De Sena” via=”no”]

This week ended up being the lowest mileage weeks because of missing the 7-mile long run, but we all fall off track. Often we have to adapt to current circumstances and adjust to make the best of each situation in order to get back on track to our goals. Week 6 will be a huge butt-kicker of a week with a ton of miles, but I’m pumped to take on that challenge!