Whenever there were group projects back in high school or college, I always hoped that there was someone in the group that was good at public speaking,
because I DID NOT want to be in front of the class.  The fear of messing up, looking foolish, getting made fun of and failing my group always plagued my thoughts when it came to public speaking.

However over the last two years, I’ve spoken in front of more people than I ever have in my life, so what changed? My mindset about fear changed.

Now I didn’t say I was any good when I started — in fact, I was terrible in the beginning, but I learned three things from my mentors that helped me shift my stinking thinking:

1. If it scares you, it means you should do it.

2. There is no growth inside your comfort zone.

3. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to START to be great.

Earlier this month I was asked to do a 4-hour training event in Chicago because the scheduled speaker, who’s also one of the top leaders in the company, wasn’t going to make it, so someone had to step up. Without hesitation, I said yes. Why? Because it scared the crap outta me and I had NEVER done anything like this before.

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!

~Richard Branson

It ended up being one of the most fun events I’ve ever attended. Amazing things happen when not only YOU are stepping outside of your comfort zones but when you are ENCOURAGING OTHERS to do so as well. I want to give a big shout out to the amazing people that put it together and I can’t wait to come back in the future!

In one of my latest FB lives, I discuss the post-grad slump or in other words — the quarter-life crisis. What is the quarter-life crisis?

It’s that feeling when you feel trapped or you have the “is this it?” moment in your life as you enter the “real world.” Maybe you have anxiety about your career, unemployment, or college debt. It’s when you’ve run out of things to Google, because you’ve wasted so much time at work surfing the internet. It’s when you feel like you’re 99.9% sure that all your problems will be fixed with a road trip. It’s when your part-time gig as a bartender or barista has lasted over two years.

Watch the video below to learn why it’s important to get over this slump and how to overcome this period of your life.


Every single person in this world is a consumer. We are consumers when we eat, read, listen, watch, and touch. We are always consuming nature’s or other people’s creations, information. thoughts and ideas. We get it from books, TV, podcasts, Facebook newsfeeds, other people’s mouths, and just about anywhere you can express an idea.

We are all consumers, but not many of us are producers. In a world where most people take, I want you to make the switch and give something. Give value in whatever way you can whether it’s writing a book, doing Facebook Live, teaching your kids, or giving a speech.

The world we live in is filled with negative thoughts and ideas, pessimism about the economy and the state of the world, criticism and hate from keyboard warriors, and just a whole lot of garbage from our friends that is taking up space in our minds. It’s time we start putting out things into the world that bring in joy, positivity, and happiness. It can be as simple as sharing an inspiring message on Facebook. It’s time for you to make the switch from being a full-time consumer to a producer.

It also doesn’t have to just be original content that you produce. A great way to be a producer is to be a curator. Start sharing and curating different content and ideas from people that inspire you. Share their work so we can start spreading positive messages. It may seem like it won’t make an impact on the entire world, but it may make an impact on one person’s life.

It’s time for you to step into your greatness and leave an impact by making the switch.


At the beginning of each year, everyone’s taking off from the start line towards their New Year’s resolutions with the majority of them being health related goals. Often we’ll see all of the Facebook posts complaining about how packed the gyms are and how all of these people will fail within a few weeks.

Instead of being one of those negative Nancys, I want you to take a different approach. Instead of tearing down all of these people and their goals to get their summer body, I want you to encourage them and wish for them to succeed instead of fail.

People that want others to fail are coming from a state of jealousy and comparitis.

They’re either afraid of people becoming better than them or they fear that they’ll get left behind because others are progressing in life. These people also just may want to be the “I told you so” guy. They’d rather be right than to see you succeed at your goals.

This doesn’t just apply to people and their New Year’s resolutions. This also applies to situations like the recent election and the new president with whom you may or may not agree with. Either way, President Elect Donald Trump is now our president and to hope that he fails is like hoping the pilot on your airplane fails and crashes. Everyone INCLUDING YOU on that airplane will die.

Is being “right” worth the suffering of everyone else? Instead of hoping that others fail, hope that they succeed.

As the year comes to a close and we spend our last days of 2016 with our friends, families, and loved ones, I want you to begin to think about how the last 365 days went for you.

No matter how “good” or “bad” you think you did this year, there’s value in taking an honest look at the results you created (or didn’t) WITHOUT judging yourself.

~Lewis Howes

In order to continue to grow, you must look at what worked and what didn’t.

Here are three things for you to do before 2017 arrives.

1. Reflect

It’s easy to get lost in your fast-paced life as you strive to achieve your goals, so it’s critical that you take a break to look back at your year. Here are some questions to ponder as you reflect on how you spent your time.

  • Did you make the most of the year or did you let the year slip by?
  • Did you do the things you set out to do?
  • Did you enjoy the moments or were you overstressed and overworked?
  • Did you take care of your health or did you neglect and abuse it?
  • Did you travel to the places you wanted to visit or did you waste time sitting on the couch at home watching TV?
  • Did you put yourself out there to meet new people and build stronger relationships with those you already know or did you let fear of rejection hold you back?

Take note of the feelings that you’re having. Think about what went well and what didn’t. Think about what didn’t go as planned and how you want to change that for the coming year.

2. Acknowledge

We often look for recognition from external sources, but we don’t look inward for self-acknowledgement. It’s time to acknowledge yourself for everything you created. If you achieved any of your goals, celebrate that. Most people dwell too long on what they didn’t achieve, and don’t acknowledge themselves for the amazing things they’ve done.

Acknowledge the progress you made this year. Write down 5 things you are most proud of that you did this year. Whether you achieved your goals or not, write down what you DID accomplish.

3. Express Gratitude

There have been so many people that have supported you this year, so let’s express our gratitude for their presence in our lives. I want you to send 10 messages to thank these people for helping you along your journey. These could be handwritten notes, video messages, emails, something that’s personal or intimate.

Gratitude will fill you up and it supports your heart. It will encourage you to bring in more into your life and live a life of abundance instead of scarcity.

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I was inspired by the latest podcast episode of Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness to write this post, and I hope you find value in this as well. Please share this with your friends and family, so that everyone can finish strong for the year and get a head start on the next.

In order to have a powerful and productive day, you need to start it in an energizing way (I couldn’t help myself with the rhyme). There are numerous successful millionaires and entrepreneurs who have developed morning routines to take their game to the next level.

I’ve personally noticed the massive impact on my life from developing this habit. Inspired by Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning, I’ve got 4 simplified steps to kickstart your day!


Let’s get the blood flowing and the charge of energy you need to start your day. It doesn’t have to be an hour workout at the gym. It can be a 20 minute yoga session. As long as you do some sort of physical activity, you’re good to go!

Mornings are a great time to get your workout done. You won’t have to think about it for the rest of the day or worry about what excuse you’ll come up with next as to why you can’t workout after a busy day. People who are able to do morning workouts are more consistent, too.


This can range from your religious practices and spiritual beliefs to gratitude and affirmations. The idea is to put yourself in the right mindset to be more present, caring, loving, and focused throughout the day. Here are some examples that you can try for your mornings: meditation, journaling, visualizing, bible reading, affirmations, gratitude, goal reflections.


Personal development and self-education is an absolute must if you want to take your morning’s to the next level. If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you already know how important it is to continuously invest in your own personal growth and development. You can read a book, watch online videos/courses, or listen to audiobooks! You can even listen to audiobooks or podcasts during your morning exercise.


I’ve found this last item to be the most rewarding. If you can execute your number one task for the day before your day even begins, you’ve created massive momentum for the rest of the day! Everyday, if you can focus on that ONE thing that moves your business or on the most daunting task where you know you’ll want to procrastinate, then you’re well on your way to your next level. As Brian Tracy would say, “Eat that frog!”

How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day. And how you live your day is the way you live your life. ~Louise Hay

These are just a few ideas for you to develop your own morning routine. Customize it so that it fits and amplifies your life. You must now take the reins and live intentionally. If you already have an awesome morning routine, leave your ideas and what’s worked for you in the comments below to share with others that want to develop this new habit!

At the University of Texas 2014 Graduation, Admiral William H. McRaven delivered a powerful commencement address that highlighted key concepts and mindset strategies that one will need  in order to impact the world in a positive way. He illustrates ten lessons with a story from his Navy SEAL training days which have inspired over millions of people.

There was one huge lesson that has made a profound impact on my own life, and it’s the very first lesson he teaches. If you want to change the world, start by making your bed. As ridiculous as it sounds, it is one of the most powerful. If you can start your day off by completing a simple task, it will set you up to complete another task. Now you’ve begun to build momentum for the rest of the day!

And if it happens that you weren’t able to keep this momentum going and the day has slipped away, you will come home to a bed that is made. How you start your day will affect how you end your day, and how you end your day will set you up for the next one. By coming home to a bed that is made, you will have encouragement to tackle the next day.

Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter. And if you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right.

~Admiral William H. McRaven

To learn about the other nine lessons, check out the video below. Leave a comment below to share with us which lesson left the biggest impact on you. Don’t forget to also share this post with those who may need to start making their bed!