2016 was a big year of growth with twists and turns, ups and downs, and a whole lot of running around. This year was filled with amazing trips to inspiring places around the world which helped me expand my vision for myself and my aspirations.I t was a year where I’ve had to let some people go, but a ton of new people quickly took their place. It was a year full of OCR races and sore legs! It was a year of learning how to get myself back on track after falling off…way off. This was the year where I’ve begun taking full responsibility for EVERYTHING in my life. All of these experiences this year, good and bad, are experiences I’m glad that happened and wouldn’t change for anything.

There are no bad experiences, only learning ones.

Here are my highlights from 2016 and what they’ve meant to me.

  • Spoke on my first national call with 500+ people to share my health transformation story
  • Next Level Achievers brand was born. Because I kept following a lot of online entrepreneurs, I had an itch that needed to be scratched and that was to create an online brand to share the things that I was learning in personal development.
  • Biggest month in business in February where my entire team came with me to Nashville for our company conference and three of us ranked advanced.
  • Trip to Dubai. Absolutely blew my vision to the sky with what’s possible. It inspired me to work faster to break free from my 9 to 5 to live the remote life.
    • Last sip of alcohol in my entire life was at a Ritz Carlton villa party in Dubai.
  • I led my first large group meeting with 50+ people in March.
  • First Savage Race, Rugged Maniac, and Conquer the Gauntlet opens up different possibilities in my OCR career.
  • I step back from my full-time job at the end of June. This was a huge moment for me. On January 1st, 2016, I wrote in my journal that in 6 months, I would leave my full-time job. When you write it down, you write it into existence.
  • Enjoyed life on the west coast by visiting LA, dipping my toes in the sands at Laguna Beach, taking in the sights at La Jolla Caves, and the perfect weather in San Diego. And topped it off with an awesome conference in Anaheim.
  • Trip to Cancun. I joined my parents on their team incentive trip for their business and my vision for my future team exploded. I saw the possibilities of the amazing trips my team and I will go on in the future! Also got to check off a ton of things from my bucket list!
  • Joined the amazing Breathe University community with Eric Thomas
  • Trip to Orlando. I’ve been to Orlando a ton of times, but this was my first hurricane! This weekend at our company conference, I also was the only one from my team that showed up. Just about everyone else didn’t attend due to the hurricane, including my mentors that live in Florida. This was when I realized that I need to step up and be the upline that I want my upline to be. I need to be the mentor, the leader, the entrepreneur that creates what is missing.
  • I start my training for OCR World Championships 2017!
  • Next Level Achievers is put to bed and my personal brand is reborn.
  • Trip to Vegas. I attend a massive conference with Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and a ton of 7 and 8 figure earners in network marketing. My belief in network marketing and myself goes insane!
  • I make the switch to focus on building my personal brand and using social media to build my network marketing business. I have to adapt to the new way of communication while also using the fundamental skills to take my business to the next level.

If there was one lesson that was to be learned from my 2016 experiences, it’s to travel more. Did you notice that every time I had a major breakthrough, I was traveling in another city? Each time, I had an explosion in belief and vision! I’m so excited for what 2017 has to bring, and I’ve already got a ton of new places booked for travel and breakthroughs!

As the year comes to a close and we spend our last days of 2016 with our friends, families, and loved ones, I want you to begin to think about how the last 365 days went for you.

No matter how “good” or “bad” you think you did this year, there’s value in taking an honest look at the results you created (or didn’t) WITHOUT judging yourself.

~Lewis Howes

In order to continue to grow, you must look at what worked and what didn’t.

Here are three things for you to do before 2017 arrives.

1. Reflect

It’s easy to get lost in your fast-paced life as you strive to achieve your goals, so it’s critical that you take a break to look back at your year. Here are some questions to ponder as you reflect on how you spent your time.

  • Did you make the most of the year or did you let the year slip by?
  • Did you do the things you set out to do?
  • Did you enjoy the moments or were you overstressed and overworked?
  • Did you take care of your health or did you neglect and abuse it?
  • Did you travel to the places you wanted to visit or did you waste time sitting on the couch at home watching TV?
  • Did you put yourself out there to meet new people and build stronger relationships with those you already know or did you let fear of rejection hold you back?

Take note of the feelings that you’re having. Think about what went well and what didn’t. Think about what didn’t go as planned and how you want to change that for the coming year.

2. Acknowledge

We often look for recognition from external sources, but we don’t look inward for self-acknowledgement. It’s time to acknowledge yourself for everything you created. If you achieved any of your goals, celebrate that. Most people dwell too long on what they didn’t achieve, and don’t acknowledge themselves for the amazing things they’ve done.

Acknowledge the progress you made this year. Write down 5 things you are most proud of that you did this year. Whether you achieved your goals or not, write down what you DID accomplish.

3. Express Gratitude

There have been so many people that have supported you this year, so let’s express our gratitude for their presence in our lives. I want you to send 10 messages to thank these people for helping you along your journey. These could be handwritten notes, video messages, emails, something that’s personal or intimate.

Gratitude will fill you up and it supports your heart. It will encourage you to bring in more into your life and live a life of abundance instead of scarcity.

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I was inspired by the latest podcast episode of Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness to write this post, and I hope you find value in this as well. Please share this with your friends and family, so that everyone can finish strong for the year and get a head start on the next.