~Anousone Bounket

Oops?! Anousone…what’d you do?

Day 1 (Monday, Nov. 21, 2016): Yoga Muscle Recovery

I remember doing this workout late at night, and I almost didn’t even do anything since it was a rest day. This is where the power of having accountability partners kicks in. I saw Coach Jay log his workout and so I decided to do the same workout too!

Day 2: Easy Run (3 miles) + X3 CVX

Not much worth noting, except that running on a treadmill gets boring pretty quick! Can we just skip winter?

Day 3: Intervals [5 min WU, 2x(15 min @TH + 5 Min Recovery Jog), 5 min CD] + Light Weight Lifting

Tough run, but went a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I’m noticing that I always struggle in the first half of the runs, and then find my groove for the second half.

Day 4: 30 Minute Bike + X3 The Challenge

I’ve found that listening to personal development podcasts like Eric Thomas’ Secret to Success podcast helps makes things go a lot faster. The mind is a muscle that also needs to be trained! Also super glad that I got this workout in for the morning of Thanksgiving!

Day 5: Eat + Shopping

I worked my jaw muscles as I ate some more amazing food for Thanksgiving part 2 and stood in checkout lines for Black Friday!

Day 6: Intervals [5 min WU, 6x(3 min @TH + 1 Min Recovery Jog), 5 min CD] + Turkey Bowl Football Game

Every year, we have a Thanksgiving weekend football game with our old high school friends and others. For most of us, it’s the only time we see each other for the year, so it’s a nice reunion. I knew from last year’s game that I needed to have cleats or at least shoes with solid grip on wet grass. Fortunately I had cleats AND a pair of OCR shoes (Solomon Speedcross 3’s), and I elected for the Solomon’s! I busted my butt last year slipping and sliding, but this year was a completely different story! Sprinting and juking was a lot easier, but that also meant that I put in more effort without fear of slipping and falling.

We played 2.5 hours of football which was a ton of fun! However it was pretty much 2.5 hours of sprints with a lot of breaks. With that being said, I pushed my legs to the extreme, and I didn’t even notice it because I was having so much fun. The worst part is that I forgot to stretch after the game! Big oops! Actually, we all forgot to stretch after the game. I think we all felt like we were back in high school where we barely had to stretch cause our bodies could take it, but we’re all older and most of us aren’t as active anymore.

My intervals workout that night was almost non-existent. I had such a hard time running that after a mile or so, I had to transition to walking.

Day 7: Rest Day

Originally, this was supposed to be my long run day, but because my legs were barely working, I postponed the long run to the next day. Just about everyone that played that day was talking about how they could barely use their legs!


This is a clear example of the importance of stretching before and after exercise and why you shouldn’t overwork your body. Over exercising can cause more harm than good, because it can take you out of commission!