Boredom has an important function. because pushing through it can unleash creativity.

~Amy Dickinson

Day 1 (Monday, Jan. 30, 2017): Rest Day

Good ‘ol recovery day after the long run from last week.

Day 2: Easy Run (3 miles) & Volleyball

I ran a quick 3 miles at a 9:50 pace on an indoor track as a warm-up for the volleyball match! I love volleyball and I used to play in a league, but now I just play as a sub. I had to take a step back from volleyball to stay committed to my business and couldn’t commit to giving up evenings during the week. We crushed the other team 3-0! #SWEEP

I love playing other sports to spice up the fitness activities; it’s a great way to keep fitness fun.

Day 3: Strong Run (4 miles) & Back + Triceps

I was instructed to aim for a 10 minute pace, so I started at the 10 minute pace. Then I incremented by .1 mph at 2 miles, then at 3 miles. At 3.3 miles, I kicked it up to 6.5 mph and finished with an average pace of 9:48. I capped off the day with some free weight and machine exercises focusing on back and triceps.

I wanted to run PAST the finish line which is often necessary for quicker growth and results.

Day 4: 30 Minute Bike

Day 5: Rest Day

Day 6: Easy Run (3 miles)

Nothing too eventful here. I ran a 10:12 pace for the 3 miles.

Day 7: Long Run (6 miles) — Missed

Tsk tsk Anousone.


Overall this week wasn’t very eventful, but when things start to get a little boring, it’s important to add variety like playing different sports.