There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time.

~Anne Lamott

Day 1 (Monday, Jan. 23, 2017): Rest Day

Rest days aren’t just necessary to reset the body, but also to reset the mind.

Day 2: Intervals [5 min WU, 1 mile @TH, 2 min recovery jog, 1 miles @TH, 5 min CD] & Biceps/Shoulders

To get back on track, I had to push through a painfully difficult interval. I finished 2.96 miles at a 10:35 pace. I had trouble with what I thought was a cramp, but found out that it was a stitch. It’s pain in the upper right side of the abdomen which is caused by a strain on the diaphragm. I found that it happens to me when I either ate or drank too much before the run.

Day 3: 30 Minute Bike

Day 4: Easy Run (3 miles) & The Challenge

Ran the 3 miles with a 10:20 pace and then capped off the day with the push up & pull up challenge workout. I went for 8 push ups and 20 pull ups this round. Since I was pretty gassed out after the run, I died around the 4th round of exercises, but pushed through nonetheless.

Day 5: Rest & Yoga

This was much needed, because I was super stiff from the previous day!

Day 6: Intervals [5 min WU, 2 miles @ TH, 5 min recovery jog, 2 miles @TH, 5 min CD] & Play @ Abominable Snow Race

Abominable Snow Race was the first OCR of the year in Wisconsin. I didn’t race, but I decided to go with Lisa and my sister to hangout with the amazing OCR community. We got to hangout with Coach Pain and other elite OCR racers. We even went to play on the course (which was probably not allowed). We snow tubed, played on their version of a rig, and climbed the ski hills covered in snow!

I got home late, so I ended up doing the run at night and on a pretty full stomach. I ended up running 5.22 miles at an average of 10:07 pace. I had to walk some of the recovery portions of the interval runs, but overall it was a solid run.

Day 7: Long Run (6 miles) & Adventure Rock

This was the smoothest run of the entire week with a 10:42 pace. And to top it all off with some lovely rock climbing with lovely people!


There’s one thing to note about this week which I’ve labeled as a comeback week. I had to work harder and struggle more in the first few runs just to get back on track. By the end of the week, I was back to my normal state. The lesson: it is much easier to stay on track than to fall off and work twice as hard just to get back to where you were.