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Lessons Learned as a Coaching Intern Pt. 3

Set the right expectations…for EVERYTHING. Usually we set the expectations for movement standards, culture, and attitude, but we also need to remember to set expectations for equipment usage. I had an athlete drop a completely empty bar from…

Costa Rica Trip Pt. 2

FIFA Women's World Cup Watch Party! Men's Gold Cup Finals!

Lessons Learned as a Coaching Intern Pt. 2

Don’t assume fitness levels for new athletes. Regardless of how ‘fit’ they look, gauge their movement and ability during the warm-up sections. Take advantage of small class sizes. When a one-on-one teaching situation is available (class…

Costa Rica Trip Pt. 1

Grandpa wanted to bless our trip. Mom trying to inform the credit card company that she's traveling. Took her 30 minutes on the phone. Meanwhile it took me and my sister only 30 seconds through an app on our phone to do ours. That's…