You hear “no” 150,000 times before you turn 17.

Did you know, by the time the average person turns 17 years of age they hear the word “no” an average of 150,000 times, and the word “yes” an average of only 5,000 times?

If you have a teenager, then you probably think there’s good reason for that. But if you think about how that kind of constant negative feedback can affect your image, then the imbalance of “no” to “yes” can result in you feeling negative toward certain aspects of your life.

What about you? Do you believe you have value?

Are you positive about who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you’re going with your life?

I’ve been thinking lately about the idea of self-image because I see people all the time with incredible potential destroying their chances at doing something great because they look in the mirror and dislike what they see. They don’t value themselves as they are; and therefore, they cannot become who they want to be. People never out-perform their self-image.

Here are three suggestions to growing and developing a great self-image:

  1. Guard your self-talk. Tell yourself you will and can do better.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. Focus only on what you can do today to improve where you are now.
  3. Move beyond your limits. Identify something you believe about yourself, determine how it’s holding you back then recreate that belief. Make sure you also create a statement to affirm that new belief and tell it to yourself over and over again.

You must value yourself if you want to add value to yourself. It’s crucial to your growth and foundational to the person you want to become. I believe you have potential and you have reasons to be proud of who you are. Start there, and then start uncovering reasons to believe in yourself.

Source: John C. Maxwell