Grandpa wanted to bless our trip.
Mom trying to inform the credit card company that she’s traveling. Took her 30 minutes on the phone. Meanwhile it took me and my sister only 30 seconds through an app on our phone to do ours.
That’s our connecting plane, but since the gate literally smelled like feet, we decided to watch for boarding from across the way. I got a headache from the smell, it was soooo bad.
Met my biggest fan in Costa Rica
More fans greeted me at the resort.
Skipping the minibar, not just because of recent news, but because alcohol = an automatic no from me dawg.
Wall ball targets?!
They created a CrossFit room just for me.
Where I’ll be during the World Cup Finals
Lego Star Wars in English got me so hype!
We’re in Costa Rica because of this dope group of business owners. My parent’s and my sister’s business continues to grow because of events like this where personal growth and development happens.
Vacation doesn’t mean I can just run wild with my nutrition for 8 straight days. I’m still cognizant of my intake. “Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”
Subbed with 1500m bike and double DB muscle cleans @ 35#
Blogging made possible by technology. Resort limits 1 device per person so I had to hook up my phone for internet connection to the laptop.