They’ve always been smart. He just got lucky. She’s an overnight success. He just has high metabolism, so he can eat anything. She’s always been fit. I couldn’t do that, because I don’t have what they have.

These are all things one might hear once they’ve reached a certain level of success, whether it’s business, health, sports, etc. Instead of looking for excuses of why we can’t do something, let’s look at this with a lens of inspiration.

What we don’t often see from these successful people is the ten years they put in for their “overnight success.” We don’t see the sacrifices, the ridiculous discipline, the long nights and early mornings, the daily rejections, and the numerous failures. More importantly, we don’t realize that a lot of them started from a position similar to ours.

So here are a few reasons why it’s important for us to document the process and why I’ll be sharing my growth as an entrepreneur and journey to become an elite OCR athlete.

1. Started From the Bottom, Now We’re…Still Climbing.

One of the big reasons why we should be documenting the journey is the power in inspiring others. You can show them that they can do it too. People on the sidelines will be able to see exactly what’s needed to succeed in their journey from watching yours. They’ll be able to connect and relate to your story more so than the story of that professional athlete or multi-millionaire business guru.

They’ll be able to learn from not only your wins, but also your mistakes. They’ll be able to cheer you on, and more importantly they’ll be able to grow with you as you climb the mountain of success.

When you’re first starting out in any endeavor, people are going to question you and your choices. There’s a popular quote that highlights this perfectly.

First, people will ask you WHY you’re doing it. Later, they’ll ask you HOW you did it.

By documenting the process and your story, you’ll be able to answer both of those questions. You’ll be able to point back to everything you’ve shared so that they get the full picture of your journey.

2. Share Your Perspective, Not Your Expertise

For those of us that aren’t experts in our field or haven’t achieved those bodacious goals, we might not have expert advice or suggestions to share quite yet. People don’t like to follow or listen to others without proven results. “Fake it until you make it” doesn’t fly with people seeking real advice. If there’s one thing that people hate, it’s being deceived.

So instead of pretending to be someone you’re not, be yourself and share your point of view on certain topics. Authenticity is key in building supporters. Your unique perspective on life will be the main reason people will read or watch any content you put out. Some people will resonate with what you say, others won’t, but you don’t need everyone to agree with you.

One thing you can do as you document your journey is share what you’ve learned so far in the process. I like to implement the ILT concept: Invest, Learn, Teach. Invest in yourself. Learn from a mentor, course, seminar, etc and implement what you learn. Then teach what you’ve learned to others. Just because you’re not an expert yet, doesn’t mean you can’t give value to others.

3. Another Medium for Self-Reflection

Whether you’re doing a vlog or blog posts, this can be another form of self-reflection. Documenting the process is a great way for you to reflect on what went well, what didn’t, and what needs to be adjusted. Self-reflection is a great way to gauge whether or not you’re still on track to your goals.

[easy-tweet tweet=”What separates successful people from unsuccessful people isn’t their willpower. It’s the speed in which they get back on track once they’ve fallen off.”]

4. All Eyes Are On You

This last reason for why documenting your journey will be key to your success is public accountability! There will be those that are watching you in hopes that you succeed, because it proves to them that they can do it too. And there will be those that are watching you in hopes that you fail, because if you succeed, it proves to them that there’s no excuse for them to not go for it too. Either way, it’s up to you to determine the outcome.

There’s so much power in public accountability. Letting yourself down is one thing, but letting down the people that are cheering you on is a whole other thing.


I hope you consider sharing your trials and tribulations with the rest of the world during your journey, because it will benefit not only you, but others as well.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you’re trying to improve your performance, we all will hit a wall at some point during our journey. I’ve personally rode the roller coaster of weight loss and it’s not fun. I’m sure many of you can resonate with that struggle of losing weight and gaining it all back.

When we hit that wall or undo all the good we’ve done, we start to question if what we are doing is even the right way to do it. Or our friends just say, “Come on, you can treat yourself just this one time. “Or we forget why we’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle and just stay in bed for 5 more minutes.

I had the honor of being a guest on a national conference call with hundreds of my partner company’s business partners to share my fitness journey. I talked about the three crucial puzzle pieces that most people are missing when they start chasing after their health goals.

1. You’re missing a coach.

Trying to tackle this journey on your own is one of the more difficult paths. You’re where you’re at because of the knowledge you possess or lack thereof.

This person can be someone you hire such as a personal trainer, or this can be a friend that is living the lifestyle you desire. They don’t have to be a complete expert on the subject of health, but they do need to be performing at a higher level than you. They are someone that has to know more than you and someone that you can go to when you have a question or get stuck.

2. You’re missing accountability partners.

Aside from your coach, you need a group of people to help keep you accountable. The accountability partners that work best are the ones that are on the journey WITH you. Having friends cheer for you on the sidelines is great, but there’s something to be said about the power of when you’re in the game with your friends.

I recommend daily check-ins with your accountability partners to discuss what went well, what didn’t, and provide daily encouragement so that you can push through this journey. The power of accountability partners isn’t what you get FROM them. As their partner, you have to keep them accountable and continue to push them forward. And in order for you to do that, you have to hold up your end of the deal first which causes you to take action too.

3. You don’t want it bad enough.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best coach and the best accountability partners. If you don’t want it bad enough for yourself, you’ll find an excuse. If you do want it bad enough, then you’ll find a way.

When you have the burning desire to succeed in taking control of your health, that’s when you’re willing to do whatever it takes. That’s how the consistency, good habits, sacrifices, and commitment all come into play on their own.

When times get tough where you want to give up, you’ll need to remember how bad you want it. You must remember your WHY. Why do you want to take control of your health? Is it to live your best life? Is it to be around as long as possible for your family? Is it to inspire others? Is it to prove to others that you can do it? Is it to prove to yourself that you can do it? Whatever your reason may be, it has to be strong enough to push you through the difficult times.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.

~Eric Thomas

If you’re struggling with your fitness journey, look to fill these three missing puzzle pieces so that you can take your health to the next level.

One of my strongest core beliefs is that if you want to elevate your game in anything, elevate your circle of influence. Yesterday, I found myself spending the day working out with one of my awesome friends who also happens to be an elite OCR athlete. With more than 20 podium finishes under her belt, she’s definitely someone I would want in my OCR circle of influence.

For the workout, she said that we would “take it easy”. What was a nice and chill workout for her was a very sweaty and challenging workout for me to say the least. I knew ahead of time that this was going to be difficult, but had it not been for two voices in my ear, I don’t know if I would’ve made it.

Lewis Howes had one of the leading behavioral and mindset experts in the world on his podcast, The School of Greatness. His guest has two NY Times bestsellers and has built five multi-million dollar companies. John Assaraf and Lewis Howes had an amazing conversation on how we can retrain our brains to transform our beliefs in order for us to reach success.

Don’t focus on the behaviors, focus on the beliefs that drive those behaviors.

~John Assaraf

One of the key takeaways that I got from listening to this during the workout was how my current beliefs limited my actions. I had never run more than 3 miles without taking walk breaks until yesterday. So I had a belief that I wouldn’t be able to do anymore than that during the workout, but something flipped in my mind and my beliefs changed. I was able to tack on 2.5 more miles than I normally would be able to!

I remembered WHY I wanted to push myself and train with a top athlete. I remembered WHY I was willing to endure the pain and the challenge. Once I remembered my WHY, I realized that I was only living on the edge of my potential. So I made a decision that I will not live on the edge of my potential anymore, but instead will fully leap into it.

I hope you enjoy this episode and have a major breakthrough as I have. I’ve already watched and re-listened to this episode three times! It’s been a mind-opening conversation for myself, and I hope you find value in this interview, too.

There is nothing more important than curating the content that goes into our mind. In this day and age, a ton of our social interactions have moved online. Thanks to Facebook, never before have we had so much immediate access to our friends and family’s life updates. We also don’t have to wait to see someone in person to share the latest viral video or some crazy thing that happened in the world. If anything tragic happens, it’ll immediately show up on Facebook…including The Walking Dead spoilers!

Not too long ago, we had most of our content curated for us by the news and media outlets on TV. And most of it is just stuff that drives up viewer ratings and puts money in the pocket of investors. Nothing does that better than negativity, drama, and gossip.

Now that we get most of our updates on Facebook, who’s producing that content? Your circle of influence. These are your Facebook friends, the pages you like, the groups you’re in, and even your friends’ pages that they like.

Although you can’t change what gets posted on Facebook by other people, you can definitely control what you see in your newsfeed. Here are a few tips to flip your newsfeed from negative, depressing gossip and political arguments to positive, uplifting support and inspiring stories.

1. Take Out the Trash

This is probably the easiest method of cleaning up your Facebook newsfeed. It’s time you start removing the Negative Nancys and Pessimistic Pattys from infecting your peace of mind. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing the latest news on racist murderers or the drama between people and their coworkers. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Now I know a lot of us don’t want to completely unfriend others, but how can we get that mess outta here? I’d like to introduce the Unfollow Button!

Anytime you get tired of seeing someone post junk that doesn’t add value to your life, there’s a neat little button in the top right corner of that post which will give you an option to unfollow that person. (Sorry Drea)

Also, if it’s a friend you don’t want to unfollow, but sometimes they like to share ridiculous viral videos from let’s say World Star Hip Hop or Mashable News, there will be a second option that shows up to unfollow that Facebook page instead. Now anytime one of your friends try to share something from that page, you won’t see it! I’ve pretty much unfollowed every news outlet and every type of BuzzFeed page at this point.

2. Follow the Leader

Now that we’ve removed the negativity from our newsfeed, we might feel as though we’ll be missing out on things or have a hole in our Facebook. The
best way to fill that hole is to replace it with positive and uplifting vibes. We can do that by liking new pages and increasing the amount of posts that we do enjoy.

Who exactly should you follow? Well, it depends on the person you are trying to become.

If you want to become a leader of an organization or team, follow people like John C. Maxwell and Tony Robbins. If you want to your feed to have more inspiration and motivation, follow people like Brendon Burchard and Lewis Howes. If you want to be a professional network marketer, follow the gurus in the industry like Holton Buggs and Eric Worre. You’ll want to fill your feed with what’s relevant to you.

Once you figure out who to follow, you’ll want to see more of their posts. You can do that by going to their page and clicking “See First”. Now you’ll be able to get around Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm and actually see the things that you want.

3. Go Where the Cool People Hang Out

One of the best resources to find like-minded people are Facebook groups! These communities bring people together from all over the world that share common interests and goals. This is another way you can fully immerse yourself in whatever interests you.

If you want to stay up to date on obstacle course racing, join OCR groups. If you want to find accountability partners for weight loss, there are groups for that. If you want to plug into other entrepreneurs that are building a business with their blogs, they have groups for that.

I’ve met some of the most amazing entrepreneurs and personal development focused individuals that have changed my life dramatically. Finding your tribe is a game changer that will you keep you on track to your goals.

4. No New Friends

Sorry DJ Khaled and Drake, but this is a MAJOR KEY to your growth. A surefire way to transform your Facebook circle of influence is to connect with new friends. But where do we find these new friends?

Again, you’ll want to connect with people that have similar core values and goals as you do. If you’re in an OCR Facebook group, start filling your friends list with people from there. If you’re in a network marketing company, start connecting with people from that company. When you start filling your friends list with people that are on the same journey as you, you’ll start seeing them post things that are relevant to your goals which may be a small reminder for you to stay on track.

I’ve been able to connect with so many amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world, and it’s shown me that the world isn’t that big after all. Once I started networking with these people, they started connecting me with other entrepreneurs achieving at a higher level. I’ve been able to connect with millennial millionaires to industry leaders from networking on Facebook alone!

It’s time for you to realize that if you’re still hanging out with the same friends from high school or the same friends from 5 to 10 years ago, you’re likely not growing as fast as you wish you were (unless they were growing WITH you).

I cannot stress how important it is that if you want to elevate your life, you MUST elevate your circle of influence and that includes Facebook. I hope you implement some of these hacks so that you can start taking yourself to the next level even faster.

If you’ve been following me recently, you’d know that I had built a personal development brand called Next Level Achievers to break off from my personal brand. I thoroughly enjoyed building the brand, but after ten months of inconsistently putting out content (oops), I felt that something was wrong. I realized a handful of things that led me to make the decision to finally merge that brand back into my personal brand and I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So why did I scrap Next Level Achievers?

It Split My Focus. 

While I was building NLA, I was also supposed to be focusing building on my network marketing business. The reason I created NLA was because I got hit with the shiny object syndrome and wanted to create an online presence. I thought I would be able to do both, but as we all know, “If you try to chase two rabbits, you’ll catch neither.”

When I woke up everyday, I felt unfocused. My priorities were split between wanting to create content for NLA and doing the income producing activities for my business. And because I was torn between the two, I ended up doing neither which was even worse!

I Hid Behind It.

When creating NLA, I had the intention of having other writers contribute to the site, so I tried to not claim it as my brand. My face wasn’t really anywhere to be seen on the site or the social media platforms. I also tried to use NLA as a way to funnel leads into the network marketing business, but there was one major problem. People don’t do business with ambiguous entities, they do business with people.

In a world where authenticity sets you apart from others in the online industry, NLA was just another motivational blog. Then I started doing live videos on my personal Facebook page and saw the tremendous engagement. But because it was separate from NLA, I felt torn. I saw how powerful it was to be vulnerable and authentic. It was then that I knew that I had to reform NLA back into my personal brand.

Not only will people be more willing to connect, but this will help me continue my growth and slowly improve my confidence every time I share all of my wonderful flaws and vulnerabilities. We all see everyone’s “highlights” online, but it’s the struggles and obstacles that we face in our daily lives that resonate and bring us closer together.

So changing the brand back to my name isn’t just about me. It’s about all of us and the support we show for each other while empowering others to show their true authentic selves.

It’s about choosing to share our best talents and gifts with the world, even if it scares the absolute crap out of us.

~Melyssa Griffin

If this is your first visit to this site, I would love for us to get to know each other better! Check out a little bit about me here!

If you’ve been on the internet recently or live on planet earth, you’ve most likely heard of or engaged in the Pokémon GO frenzy. Pokémon GO is a mobile augmented reality (AR) game where users can catch Pokémon and engage in battles to capture gyms located in the real world, and the only way to play this game is to physically go outside and walk around. As with everything I observe or engage with, I’ve found some learning lessons from the game to share with you.

1. The Power of Nostalgic Intellectual Property

Since it’s creation in the 90’s, Pokémon sparked the dream in millions of children to become the best Pokémon trainer there ever was. I was one of those 90’s kids that watched the TV show and played the games, and I always wished that Pokémon were real. Fast forward 20+ years and that dream is now becoming a (augmented) reality for so many people. Since the release of Pokémon GO, there have been over 30 million downloads and has generated over $35 million, and it hasn’t even been released all over the world yet!

The play on nostalgia was a huge move that brought massive success to the game. Check out the image from Forbes that shows Pokémon GO isn’t a game for the kids of today, but the people of the 80’s and 90’s.

(Graphic: Nick DeSantic/Forbes)

2. Adapters vs. Complainers

As with anything new that takes the internet by storm, there are two groups of people that appear: the adapters and the complainers. Those who complain about anything will never reach the next level. As Peter Voogd always says, “You’ll never meet a successful hater.”

The adapters are the ones that take advantage of the trend. They’re the ones that dive deep to try to understand how they can utilize the game to learn from it or how they can use it to advance their own business. Some small businesses have been using features in the game to lure people to their stores and restaurants. Others are paying attention to the innovation of technology and how the tech space is moving towards a virtual reality world. Regardless of whether you have any personal interest in Pokémon GO, you should seek to learn something from the phenomenon in order to further advance you towards your own goals.

3It’s Never Perfect

After the long awaited release of the game, it broke records in number of downloads within the first week. However, there were a lot of issues with the actual game itself. Players complained of the numerous bugs with GPS, crashing servers and broken features. But if they never released the game, they might have never discovered these issues. There are also a ton of features being demanded by the players like battling or discovering other players in the game. Often times we get so caught up in trying to make our product or service perfect that we end up never releasing it. We’re stuck testing, making changes, and tweaking it so often which might not even matter to the end consumer.

Sometimes it’s actually better to launch a product before you think it’s ready. Instead of trying to predict what a group of hypothetical customers want, you’re dealing with real people and their actual feedback on a large scale. Getting early feedback and priceless realizations can help you develop your product further to what the consumer actually wants instead of what you think they want. At the end of the day, your product will never be perfect and should never stop being improved upon. Even with all the issues that Pokémon GO has, it’s still a massive success. The real work comes after the product is launched, so I’m excited to see how Pokémon GO will respond to the large amount of feedback from its players.

4. A Bridge to Social Engagement

Pokémon GO has been pulling people from their couches to the world outside their walls. Not only are they getting outside and walking, but they’re engaging with each other! Maybe you’ve noticed that most people in public are constantly looking down at their phones. If you haven’t noticed, then you might be one of those people! And when they finally take a second to look up from their phones and eye contact is made with another human being, you can watch them panic and quickly look back at their phone.

However, I’ve noticed Pokémon GO players that recognize others playing the game are more likely to engage in conversation. People are drawn together when they have something in common, especially if it’s a common goal. To sum it up, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from a Pokémon from the first Pokémon movie. (check out the video snippet below).

We do have a lot in common.
The same air, the same Earth, the same sky.
Maybe if we started looking at
what’s the same instead of
always looking at what’s different,

…well, who knows?


You are what you eat. You are what you read. You are what you think. And you are what you hear. Everything you allow into your life shapes or influences the person you are in some way, so it’s important to be in control of what’s coming in. A great way to control what you hear is through awesome podcasts which can be listened to in place of music when you’re driving or working. Below is a list of my favorite podcasts that have added a ton of value to my life and many others.

1. Entrepreneur on Fire

EOFire is a 7 day per week podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. Value bombs are dropped everyday as JLD interviews entrepreneurs big and small to learn about their story and share their experiences of building a business. I love EOFire because of the amazing stories and wide range of people from different backgrounds and industries. It’s a podcast that you can plug into daily to stay inspired.

2. The Charged Life

The Charged Life is one of the top self-help and personal development podcasts. Brendon Burchard delivers massive value on motivation, high performance, success, and how to live a fully charged life. Brendon is a #1 NY Times Bestselling author, a thought leader in the personal development industry, and has amassed over 4.7 million followers on Facebook. Brendon has taught me to bring the joy and passion into everything I do.


3. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes is a former professional football player turned lifestyle entrepreneur. Each week he interviews amazing guests such as Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, and Elizabeth Gilbert. Not only does he interview entrepreneurs and people in the personal development space, but he also interviews actors, athletes, and artists. Lewis and his guests will share their inspiring story and message to help you unlock your inner greatness!


4. The Model Health Show

The Model Health Show will help you take your health and your mindset about health to the next level. Shawn Stevenson and his co-host Jade Harrell are a dynamic duo that will entertain and more importantly educate you on the latest in health. Shawn is a top fitness & nutrition expert who can help you lead a more productive life by keeping your health in check. Mixed with a little flavor of personal development wisdom, this podcast must be a part of your audio arsenal.


5. Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle 2.0

YEL 2.0 is a podcast dedicated to helping millennials step up their game in the new economy. Author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Peter Voogd, will give you value without any fluff. His bluntness will light a fire under you to get you to start living life on your terms. Not only will he motivate you, but he’ll give you actionable strategies that you can implement to take your business and life to the next level.


6. The Secret to Success

Top motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, and his CEO, Carlas Quinney Jr. (aka CJ) bring you a more urban element to personal development and motivation. From their discussions about the latest in sports to sharing their struggles of their past, ET and CJ are able to teach valuable lessons in living authentically and conquering obstacles during your journey to success. This podcast will help you defy the odds so that you can create the life you deserve.


7 Network Marketing Pro

Eric Worre is on a mission to elevate the profession and industry of network marketing. For those that are looking to take their network marketing business to the next level, this podcast will teach you the fundamentals on how to build and develop leaders within yourself and your team. Eric will not only teach you how he’s built his legacy through network marketing, but also will interview guests who have surpassed the million dollar mark in their business.


Other notable podcasts:


In the comments section below, share some of your favorite podcasts that have brought value to you!


In order to have a powerful and productive day, you need to start it in an energizing way (I couldn’t help myself with the rhyme). There are numerous successful millionaires and entrepreneurs who have developed morning routines to take their game to the next level.

I’ve personally noticed the massive impact on my life from developing this habit. Inspired by Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning, I’ve got 4 simplified steps to kickstart your day!


Let’s get the blood flowing and the charge of energy you need to start your day. It doesn’t have to be an hour workout at the gym. It can be a 20 minute yoga session. As long as you do some sort of physical activity, you’re good to go!

Mornings are a great time to get your workout done. You won’t have to think about it for the rest of the day or worry about what excuse you’ll come up with next as to why you can’t workout after a busy day. People who are able to do morning workouts are more consistent, too.


This can range from your religious practices and spiritual beliefs to gratitude and affirmations. The idea is to put yourself in the right mindset to be more present, caring, loving, and focused throughout the day. Here are some examples that you can try for your mornings: meditation, journaling, visualizing, bible reading, affirmations, gratitude, goal reflections.


Personal development and self-education is an absolute must if you want to take your morning’s to the next level. If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you already know how important it is to continuously invest in your own personal growth and development. You can read a book, watch online videos/courses, or listen to audiobooks! You can even listen to audiobooks or podcasts during your morning exercise.


I’ve found this last item to be the most rewarding. If you can execute your number one task for the day before your day even begins, you’ve created massive momentum for the rest of the day! Everyday, if you can focus on that ONE thing that moves your business or on the most daunting task where you know you’ll want to procrastinate, then you’re well on your way to your next level. As Brian Tracy would say, “Eat that frog!”

How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day. And how you live your day is the way you live your life. ~Louise Hay

These are just a few ideas for you to develop your own morning routine. Customize it so that it fits and amplifies your life. You must now take the reins and live intentionally. If you already have an awesome morning routine, leave your ideas and what’s worked for you in the comments below to share with others that want to develop this new habit!

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend and fitness coach, Jay Flores. He’s an entrepreneur, STEM ambassador, national keynote speaker, and founder of The OCR Project.

We talk about his mission to influence others to lead a healthier lifestyle through the sport of obstacle course racing. We discuss how the journey to success resembles an obstacle course race and how to continue to push forward even when you lose your footing. We also dive deep into turning your passions into a career and the importance of having mentors guide you on your path.

Check out the interview to hear Jay rock the house and drop some value bombs.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

In the interview, you’ll learn about:

The steps to creating a job or business that you can be passionate about 24/7 (2:22)

Why having a mentor or coach is a major key to your success (6:17)

How lifting others as you climb will empower you to achieve faster (16:10)

The importance of replacing the negative with mentors and learning (21:40)

How to continue to push forward when things get tough (29:08)

Follow Jay!

The OCR Project




If you got some value from the interview, please share this with anyone that needs to listen in!

There is one significant factor that is holding you back from achieving your next level of success in any area of your life. The culture of your environment can either push you towards your goal or pull you away from it. If you are in the same environment today as you were a year ago, chances are your life has not dramatically advanced forward.

Now you might be successful in your current context whether you hold a high position in your company or you just graduated at the top of your class, but you’ll never achieve past that level until you shift the culture around you. Would you agree that a high school freshman who hangs out with middle schoolers would not succeed as well as a high school freshman who hangs out with seniors at the top of their class? Of course! Although they still “advanced” to the next level, they won’t achieve at that level. So why wouldn’t this same concept apply to other aspects of life?

Someone who hangs out with friends that eat fast food all day and go out for drinks Thursday through Saturday is much less likely to be in great health than someone who hangs out with a group friends who have a health conscious culture. A college athlete who just got drafted to play professionally wouldn’t continue to practice with his or her college peers but instead practice with their new teammates to quickly pull his or herself up to the standard.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t remember where you came from, but in order to start living your ideal life, your current environment needs to become just a memory. Your past IS NOT your future. Your past environment is there for the times you return to share your story and to show others that they can achieve what you’ve achieved.

Shawn Stevenson, bestselling author & creator of The Model Health Show, and Eric Thomas, world renown motivational speaker, dives deeper into the topic of how your environment is the most influential factor in determining your success in the latest episode of podcast. Check out the video below to see them drop knowledge bombs that can take you to your next level!