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About Me - Anousone Bounket

About Me

Hi! I’m Anousone. This blog serves as a personal journal for me to catalog my thoughts and lessons as I continue on this adventure to living a fulfilling life.

My interests and pursuits are as bipolar as Wisconsin’s weather. My story seems to have no typical linear progression — I turned from a typical college student that loved to party to making a 180 degree turn and becoming alcohol free and 75 lbs lighter. Then I transitioned to nutrigenomics entrepreneur to obstacle course racing athlete to software contractor to Twitch streamer to CrossFit trainer.

I’ve realized that I’m happiest when I’m continuously trying new things and always learning. Each time I find a new interest for the next few years, I am ALL in. I’m 120% dedicated to the craft. And for me right now, it’s becoming a dope frickin’ CrossFit trainer, and the only way I can measure that is based on the number of people I can help achieve their personal goals inside and outside of the gym.